Friday, June 26, 2015

Sansevieria Stuckyi, Succulent Plants

When web surfing, I saw Sansevieria stuckyi, succulent plants. After then, I love it. It looks beautiful for me. I wanted to grow it at home because I don't need to water it often; it is watered once a month or two months. I thought that it would be easy for me to raise it. It is difficult to cultivate other plants, such as foliage plants because I need to water them more often. That's why I bought Sansevieria stuckyi one month ago. I placed it in the living room. It stands out itself and fits in with the decor.

I heard that it is great for purifying the air and intercepts electromagnetic waves. It also emits a negative ion as much as 30 times compared to normal plants. Moreover, it is good for insomnia because it makes the autonomic nervous system stable. Anyway, it seems to have many advantages.

I hope to see it longer in my house without killing it.

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